XRM.Multiselect quick manual

In my first post I did quick introduce of knockoutjs for dynamics CRM. Because I added some new features to this project and I think it is now really easy to use I decided to publish current version as Xrm.Multiselect on github.
Source: ambek / XRM.Multiselect
Solution for Dynamics 2015: XRM Solution
Solution for Dynamics 2013: XRM Solution
Manual: Xrm-MutltiSelect-manual.pdf


At the beginning upload solution to Dynamics and publish customizations:


Then create fields on entity (Two options).


You have to add fields to form, setup labels and visibility:


Note: label will be displayed on webresource:


Finally add web resource: abr_multiselect.hmtl to form and setup webresource adding your fields to custom parameters (Use semicolon to separate fields “;”) :


Add formating to webresource (remove border and setup hight):


And here is final effect:


Please review and provide your feedback
ambek / XRM.Multiselect

Detailed manual: Xrm-MutltiSelect-manual.pdf


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